About Marierose&co.

Hi! We’re Marieros&co. A small twin sister owned business located in a small rural town somewhere in Nebraska. We love to create and decided to take this passion to the next level and start a small business. This small business grew from earrings to scrunchies to book covers to apparel and more yet to come! We hope to continue this journey and hope to grow our small shop even more!! And we hope you join us on this journey too!

Xl scrunchies

XL scrunchies

Meet our xl scrunchies! Our oversized bigger than your average scrunchie is sure... 

  • Medium scrunchies

    Meet our medium scrunchie collection! Our Medium scrunchies works with a lot of hair types no matter if you have thin or thick , curly or straight or just having that crazy hair day we all dread this collection will work for you!

    Medium scrunchies 
  • Our handmade clay earrings are lightweight and fun to wear for an everyday look or special occasion!


    Meet our clay earring collection where you’ll find a little bit of everything.

    How to care for clay earrings?
    best way to store your earrings is in a dry cool place and away from heat. If dirt ,lint or other substance gets on them lightly clean with acetone. PLEASE DO NOT BEND earrings as they are delicate and can be damaged.

    Fun and subtle styles 
  • Apparel

    Our apparel collection filled with t-shirts and sweatshirts from vintage to boho print to coffee and some fun sayings!

  • Knotted headband

    knotted headband collection. Were simple and sophistication meets rustic with a little boho style .

    Knotted headband 
  • Gift cards

    Surprise that special someone with a gift card to our little shop!

    Gift cards